Cold fronts bring outbreaks of cold air to Arkansas every winter. So what’s different this time? Typically when a front moves thru, we will see the cold air build into the area gradually over the next day or two. With this event? The cold air is barreling in like a freight train. Rapid temperature drops have been occurring behind the front, causing flash freezing. A good example can been seen here with the ARDOT traffic cameras in NW Arkansas. The protective domes covering the cameras were wet, and when the front came thru, temperatures dropped quickly enough for flash freezing to occur.

Now how will this affect travel? Roadways may experience some slick spots, but hopefully the warmth of the ground will prevent too much ice from accumulating. Bridges and overpasses may be a different story. If you have to travel today, please slow down and exercise extra caution.

Of course, some snow and mixed precipitation will be possible in portions of the state today, which will only add to the potential travel hazards.