The Lawrence County Cooperative School is asking the community for donations for the LCCS store.

So many of you have reached out to ask what the store is in need of…

We can ALWAYS use snacks and Drinks. All types. Little Debbie’s. Beef sticks. Chips. Candy. Sugar free also for diabetics. Nuts. Gum, popcorn, Granola Bars. Nutrigrain bars. Water flavor packets, Sodas, regular and diet, sparkling waters. Anything really!

For Christmas we are asking for any NEW or GENTLY used items to be used for gifts. A lot of our clients do not have extra money to buy Christmas, so they will be able to utilize the store for their Christmas shopping for their families/friends, etc.
Some gift items could be hats, gloves, Christmas decor, jewelry, watches, bath products, bags, purses, (lights-led color changing), speakers, any type of electronics, games, puzzles, coloring books, markers, puzzle books, reading books, toys, new shoes, fidget spinners, balls (any type), makeup, nail polish, the list goes on and on!

Thank you so much to all who have donated! We appreciate you all making the LCCS store such a huge success! We could not have done this without YOU!

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