October 8, 2022

Owl Prowl

7:30pm at Pavilion

Join a park interpreter at the pavilion to prowl for owls. Several species of owls reside in the forests of Lake Charles State Park. Learn about a few species of owls and their awesome adaptations that make them efficient nocturnal predators. Once we learn about owls, we’ll attempt to call some in and hear them call back.


October 15, 2022

Noctural Bat-tivity

6:15 at Pavilion

Join a park interpreter at the pavilion to learn more about those misunderstood flying mammals: bats! Learn about their special skills, abilities and benefits to our local park and Arkansas


October 22, 2022

CSI: Campsite Investigation

10am at Playground

Take on the role of a Campsite Investigator and solve the case! Someone or something has ravaged a campsite and it’s up to you, the CSI team, to figure out who! Learn about our wildlife suspects, solve the case, and find out how you can prevent your campsite from being a victim in this fun, interactive Leave-No-Trace program.


October 29, 2022

Skins and Skulls

10am at Playground

Come by the playground Saturday morning to learn more about the mammals that call Lake Charles State Park home. Get the chance to feel skunk pelts, touch a bobcat’s teeth, and more. A variety of natural Arkansas mammal pelts and skulls will be on hand for your exploration.