A 28-year-old Oxford man is charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder after messages were found saying he would pay $3,000 to kill a woman.

The woman contacted the Izard County Sheriff’s Office after she found disturbing social media messages sent by Ronald Hill to his brother.

According to the affidavit for arrest, Ronald Hill offered Jonathan Hill $3,000 to kill the female.

While speaking with the woman, Investigator Sean Tomlinson learned Ronald had been arrested for similar remarks in the past and reviewed those reports. He then drove to the Dollar General in Oxford and met with the woman who gave him the cell phone.

Tomlinson was told the phone belonged to Ronald but was left at the residence due to the fact it only connects to Wi-fi and he carries a separate phone with a new number.

The woman explained that although Ronald uses a different phone during the course of the day, his social media accounts appear to be linked on the phone that was surrendered. She said she was unsure if Ronald would actually carry out the solicited crime and only knew that he has shown severe aggression toward her in the past.

She then informed Tomlinson that she had taken a picture of the message and offered to send via email.

After securing the phone Tomlinson then drove to Izard County Sheriff’s Office where he later received an email involving a message to a Jonathan Russell Hill which read “That good hey when I have a job at Sonic I might have to come stay with you man it getting bad over hear ,,,, so when I say or do anything it starts a fight if you kill her I will pay you 3000 ….”

Upon gaining the probable cause search warrant for the electronic device, Tomlinson then searched the cell phone and witnessed the digital conversation between what appeared to be Ronald Hill and a male family member.

Tomlinson then enlisted the help of Sgt. Steve Davidson to make contact with Hill and request that he drive to the Izard County Sheriff’s Office. Hill elected to accompany Davidson to the Sheriff’s Office.

Tomlinson then conducted a Post-Miranda interview with Hill who initially denied sending the message to his family member and denied ever wanting to harm the victim.

Hill eventually admitted to sending the Facebook message through Facebook Messenger and explained that he was just frustrated. Hill was adamant that his intentions were not to actually carry out the crime.

Solicitation to commit Capital Murder is a class A felony. Hill is being held without bond.