The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 42 year old CLAYTON MOORE of Salesville on multiple offenses after deputies responded Friday evening, August 26th, to a report of a violent domestic disturbance taking place at a residence on Ben Hope Drive in Briarcliff, Arkansas. The suspect was said to be CLAYTON MOORE, a person well known to deputies, who has a history of violent behavior and flight from authorities.
Upon arrival at the residence, Sheriff’s Corporal Craig Kocka made contact with two victims. The first victim stated that MOORE had thrown what she believed to be gasoline on her and had threatened to set her on fire. She also alleged MOORE had physically assaulted her and thrown her on the ground. Deputies observed that the victim was bleeding from her elbow and her leg. She stated that MOORE had threatened to kill her and grabbed a black spear. She then fled out of the residence.
This victim indicated that MOORE had barricaded himself inside the residence, and that there were several other people inside who could be in danger.
A second victim, a male, was reported to have been stabbed in the hand by MOORE. Corporal Kocka observed other people in the residence through a window but did not see MOORE. After Deputy John Wood arrived, they attempted to make contact with MOORE. When trying to open the front door, they found that MOORE had pushed a refrigerator against the door to block entrance, and they were only able to partially open the door. MOORE picked up a pry bar and a flashlight and threw them at the deputies, both objects striking Deputy Wood. MOORE than thew a liquid substance on both deputies, which made contact with their faces, chests, and upper extremities. It was later determined that this substance, as well as the substance thrown on the first victim, was liquid insecticide.
Sergeant Jamie Binnion eventually arrived on scene and made verbal communication with MOORE. After a period of time, he was able to talk MOORE into coming out and surrendering, at which time he was apprehended and taken into custody.
After entering the residence, deputies observed it to be in disarray, with considerable damage, including a broken door window and door frame, stab marks in the wall, and other smashed and broken objects.
Paramedics with the local ambulance service provided first aid to both of the civilian victims and both deputies at the scene.
CLAYTON MOORE was then transported to the Baxter County Detention Center where he was booked and incarcerated on charges of:
Battery in the Second Degree (2 counts) – FeloniesAggravated Assault on Family or Household Member (2 counts) – FeloniesTerroristic Threatening in the First Degree – FelonyCriminal Mischief in the First Degree – FelonyDomestic Battery in the Third Degree – MisdemeanorResisting or Refusal to Submit to Arrest – Misdemeanor
CLAYTON MOORE is currently being held in lieu of $100,000 bond, and he will appear before the Circuit Court to answer at a later date. Records indicate that MOORE has had 14 prior bookings at the Baxter County Detention Center