Today we received reports of a new scam circulating in our area.

The following phone number is calling people in our area claiming to be a Medicare representative. The caller tells you that your current Medicare card is no longer valid and you must give them your information in order to be issued a new “plastic card”.

These claims are FALSE and are directed toward the elderly in order to steal personal information.

The caller was said to have a heavy foreign accent and could not provide a callback number, operator number or any other information that would prove who they represented.

If you attempt to call the number back, you immediately get a recording saying “this number is no longer in use”.

We urge you to inform elderly relatives or persons you may know that are currently on Medicare to NOT give any personal information over the phone to these callers, it is a SCAM!

This is not the only number they are calling from, scammers are using prefixes from Hardy Arkansas, Marvell Arkansas, Black Rock Arkansas and others in recent days attempting this same scam.