A judge has denied a request for a continuance in the murdered trial of a man accused of killing two Sharp County residents and his girlfriend, then burying their bodies in shallow graves in Oklahoma.
The Attorney for Robert Edwin Lewis, age 61 formally from Hardy had asked for a continuance to allow an expert to evaluate Lewis’ competency.

Lewis is charged in the killings Quinly Lamb, age 43 and Brian Shackleford, age 51 both of Sharp County and DeAnna Tipley, age 36.

Lewis allegedly confessed to the murders but has entered not guilty pleas to three counts of murder.

Lewis’ preliminary hearing has been set for October 3rd at 9 a.m

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Robert Lewis age 61, the man who authorities say confessed to killing two Sharp County residents identified as Quinley Lamb, age 43 and Brian Shackelford, age 51 along with a third victim identified as DeAnna Tippey, 36, Cherokee County, Okla. in January.
Lewis appeared in court in Cherokee County Oklahoma on March 8th.

Lewis was represented by his attorney Velia Lopez and entered a plea of not guilty before Judge Josh King.
Earlier that week a series of documents were reportedly filed on Lewis’ behalf including a notice of invocation of all constitutional rights.
Lewis cited several constitutional amendments and stated his objection to “any interview, questioning, interrogation, conversation or other verbal or written communication or its functional equivalent related to any investigation of any violation or suspected violation of the law and any matters which might reasonably be related to any such violation or suspected violation,” according to court documents.
Other documents filed by Lewis included a request to remove him from suicide watch where he has remained since his arrest.
Subpoenas were also issued on Lewis’ behalf to produce documentation regarding the medical care provided to Lewis since his incarceration.

On Jan. 28, Lewis was arrested and on Jan. 31, he was charged with the three counts of 1st degree murder and ordered to be held without bond.

Authorities were contacted regarding the discovery of a body on Lewis’ property.
While obtaining a search warrant, Lewis wanted to turn himself in, authorities say. Lewis was located at the Cherokee Nation Casino and was arrested without incident.
Authorities say while they were searching the property, two additional bodies were discovered.

Lewis was interviewed and authorities say he admitted to killing the three, Lewis has confessed to killing Quinley Lamb, age 43, and Brian Shackelford, age 51, and DeAnna Tippey, age 36, Cherokee County, Okla.
Authorities believe Lamb and Shackelford were both killed Jan. 16, and Tippey was killed sometime after Jan. 19.
Authorities say evidence suggested Lamb was fatally wounded and sustained a fractured skull, Shackelford died after his throat was cut and Tippey was strangled.