Authorities say a volunteer firefighter in Cotter, AR., has been arrested after a theft, the suspect then confessed to the crime.

William Hartwell Cooke, age 19 from Cotter, was a volunteer firefighter when he stole numerous guns and over $500 in cash from a home while helping extinguishing a blaze in Gassville.

Court documents say the theft happened during a call in which multiple fire departments were called to fight a fire on June 24th.

Authorities say when the owners of the residence began to take account of the aftermath, they quickly discovered the items were missing.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video, after law enforcement received a call from a local gun shop owner who stated the suspect was attempting to sell several firearms.

Cooke was arrested and is charged with two felony counts of firearm theft, two more felony counts of theft for attempting to sell stolen firearms, and two misdemeanor charges for the cash.