LaShaun Starbuck, age 21 of Cave City was charged with Manslaughter last week in Sharp County Circuit Court.

According to the court affidavit, the charges stem from an Oct. 28, 2021 incident when Sharp County Dispatch received a 911 call that Starbuck had brought a deceased female to the White River Medical Center in Batesville.

The victim, identified as Alyssa Hale, age 18 years old.

Starbuck met with investigators at the Cave City PD and told officers the victim had been “dumped in front of his entryway at 1405 Melon Drive” early in the morning according to the affidavit.

Authorities did not believe Starbuck’s story, authorities were given permission to examine Starbuck’s phone.

Law enforcement traveled to Starbuck’s residence and secured it and search the premises.

During the search, items were located that belonged to the victim.

The 16th Judicial Drug Task Force was contacted to assist in the investigation due to the likelihood that the victim’s death was likely caused by “pressed pills” obtained by the victim on the day of her death.

Investigators were told by other witnesses the victim appeared to act normal when she was taken to Starbuck’s home.

Investigators served a search warrant on Starbuck’s phone and social media applications, this showed Starbuck was regularly involved in the sale and distribution of illegal pills.

Starbuck admitted to authorities that he and the victim had taken pills the night before her death.

Toxicology reports from the Arkansas medical examiner’s office listed fentanyl toxicity as the cause of death of the victim.

Authorities believe in the early morning of Oct. 28, 2021, the victim was given pills by Starbuck believing the pills to be Percocets, however; the pills were fentanyl made to look like Percocet.

Starbuck was arrested and is now in custody at the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department and has been charged with manslaughter for her s role in the death of Alyssa Hale.