BRTC’s respiratory therapy (RT) and paramedic programs conducted a Mass Casualty Incident Simulation and Vehicle Extrication Simulation on June 1, 2022.

Students worked with ProMed and the Pocahontas Fire Department to test the skills they have learned in a real-world scenario. The fire department worked on extracting the “victims” from the scene while the RT and paramedic students tended to the injured. Each student had to learn how to handle a high-pressure situation that involved assisting the wounded while also dealing with onlookers. 

Simulations are imperative because they allow students to be prepared for even the toughest situations after graduation. Simulation allows for real-time learning and practice to occur in a safe environment. Students who have worked through difficult cases during simulations are more prepared to handle stressful situations in the field. Simulations also allow BRTC to provide training for situations that do not occur on a daily basis.

Jessica Alphin, Director of Clinic Education and respiratory instructor, states, “I love doing simulations like these with our students. This training prepares our students to respond in emergencies where seconds matter! If these simulations are responsible for preparing our graduates to respond appropriately when lives are at stake, it is worth every minute!”

For more information about the RT program offered at BRTC, contact Jessica Alphin by phone at (870) 248-4000, ext. 4087 or by email at For more information about the Paramedic program offered at BRTC, contact Dana Clay by phone at (870) 248-4000, ext. 4150 or by email at

Photo: RT and paramedic students tending to the “wounded”.

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