According to records, the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office has charged a man with battery charges after a disturbance at the Sharp County’s Detention Center. 

Court documents filed on Monday of this week stated that on March 17, an inmate identified as Zachary Arnold, age 27, began hitting another inmate in his holding cell. 

When detention officers ordered Arnold to lay on the floor, he refused and was tased. 

Arnold was able to remove the barbs from the taser and retrieved a set of keys from the food port door. 

Arnold continued to be non-compliant and forcefully shoved his way through staff. 

The affidavit states one of the staff was pushed into a wall, and another was shoved into a mop bucket. 

Arnold faces charges for two felony counts of furnishing, possessing, or using prohibited articles, felony impairing the operation of a vital public facility, two counts of felony second-degree battery, and misdemeanor third-degree battery. 

His bond was set at $10,000.