Frank Owens has filed for Lawrence County Judge in the 2022 election as a Republican candidate.

Frank Owens has a plan to address concerns about the county roads. This plan includes prioritizing repairs so the worse roads get attention first across the entire county. Another area of concern that Frank Owens will address is drainage problems in the county. Drainage and county roads go hand in hand.

Frank Owens will also address and work with residents on mitigation of continued problems on Lawrence County rural roadways.

Frank Owens also has plans to work with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and Lawrence County Dispatch Center to standardize a radio system to improve communications between firefighters and law enforcement. Standardization of the system will improve response time on emergency calls therefore saving valuable time and saving lives.

Frank Owens has the experience to lead Lawrence County. Frank is the former Walnut Ridge Fire Department Chief (Retired) and has volunteered for several fire departments and worked over 20 years for Walnut Ridge Fire. Frank has also served as flood plane administrator, Deputy Coordinator for the Lawrence County Office Of Emergency Services, City of Walnut Ridge Planning Commission and the Lawrence County Fair Board.

Frank and his wife Brandi are lifelong residents of Lawrence County. Frank and Brandi have two children, Max and Olivia who attend school in Walnut Ridge.

Experience where it is needed most, Vote Frank Owens For Lawrence County Judge