My name is Michelle Sheets and I am running to be your next County Clerk. You won’t find another candidate with more experience than what I bring to the table. While others may have advanced degrees and command of presence in a large room, I have been the one behind the scenes making the wheels turn. The county payroll processing that county families have come to rely on? I have been the calculation behind the check. County vendors needing payment? I have been the accounts payable go-to. Who wanted to get married during the darkest valleys of COVID-19, but couldn’t? I am the one with knowledge on issuing those marriage licenses. A loved one has passed away and the family needs to file a small estate? I have been the smiling face of comfort to assist with that filing. With regard to elections, there’s election laws, candidate filings, voter registration, voter rights, ballot requirements, and election night certification, just to name a few. I have worked for seven and a half years now on every job in the County Clerks office and with that time has come experience and knowledge that can’t be learned in a book or taught in a classroom. I’ve been in the trenches of ever-changing election laws and procedures. I am here today to impart the wisdom that emerges only from experience. The policies I’ve not only learned, and translated for others, I have also used to make our county run efficiently, and to put the residents of Lawrence County needs first. I won’t promise perfection, but I will stand by the commitment you’ve already seen in me for almost a decade. I will continue to stand firm in integrity, walk forward into the continually evolving times, and to honor this community with devotion, passion, and a teachable spirit. So, I leave you with one request, please vote for Experience on May 24th.

Republican Candidate
Michelle Sheets

Your only candidate with experience for Lawrence County Clerk