A Fulton County man who was convicted of murder was granted a commutation to his sentence by Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Bryan E. Dickinson was charged with murder in 1999 after the deceased body of a Mammoth Spring man was found near the Spring River in Fulton County.

Authorities say a passerby discovered the body near the Bayou Access south of Mammoth Spring in Fulton County.

Dickinson and one other person were arrested and convicted of the crime one year later.

Dickinson was sentenced to 480 months in prison, which would have made his release possible in 2040 according to records.

No law enforcement objected to the commutation, which makes Dickinson eligible for parole.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s email statement,
“Bryan E. Dickinson (ADC #118458): Murder-1st Degree (Y Felony) (1999-62).
The governor has given notice of his intent to commute the sentence of Bryan E. Dickinson, who was convicted in Fulton County in 2000 for the above offense, from 480 months in the Arkansas Department of Correction to making him immediately parole eligible. There are no law enforcement objections to the application.”