According to reports released from the Pocahontas Police Department on 4/26/2022 at approximately 4:30 pm Pocahontas Police units along with Pro-Med Ambulance were dispatched to the area of the baseball fields located at the Pocahontas High School in reference to a male individual that was unconscious.

Officers responded with lights and sirens. While in route dispatch informed city units that the individual (later identified as Tim Risley) was now conscious and talking.

At approximately 4:32 pm, Pro-Med arrived at the ball field with police units arrived shortly after at approximately 4:34 pm.

When the officer exited his vehicle he noted that Pro-Med was speaking with Tim Risley who was setting in a camping chair on the back of a truck.
Officers approached Pro-Med to assist as needed.

As officers approached they noted that a Pro-Med medic was standing at the rear of the truck with the tailgate gate down. Officers also noted that a first responder was in the truck with Tim Risley standing on his right side.

Officers noted at this time that Tim Risley was talking in a slow slurred manner and appeared to be slump over in his chair.

Officers also noted at this time a first responder was holding Tim Risley’s left hand in the air.
Officers attempted to identify themselves to Tim Risley however Tim Risley did not acknowledge the officer.

Tim Risley them stated to medics “this guy in the Pro-Med shirt is going to get it”officers noted that Tim Risley had his left leg extended toward the medic.
Officers again attempted to speak with Tim Risley however he would not acknowledge officers.

While medical personnel was attempting to get Tim Risley to allow them to check his blood pressure officers stepped up in the back of the truck in an attempt to speak with Tim Risley. Officers again attempted to get Tim Risley’s attention however Tim Risley did not respond.

At this time Tim Risley suddenly became physical, throwing his arms out striking a first responder in the chest with both hands that were open palmed, pushing him backwards and causing him to almost fall out of the of the truck bed. Tim Risley then reached out with both arms in front of him toward officers and medics.

Officers then grabbed Tim Risley by the arms and forced him down to the truck bed placing wrist restraints on him. Tim Risley resisted officer’s attempts to put his hands behind his back while attempting to put wrist restraints on him.

Tim Risley was then removed from the truck bed and stood up. Officers noted at this time that Tim Risley was unsteady on his feet and could smell the odor of alcoholic beverages coming from Tim Risley’s person. Officers asked Tim Risley if he had been drinking today, Tim Risley stated that he had. Officers asked Tim Risley if he had been drinking at the school, Tim Risley stated that he had not. Officers then asked Tim Risley how much he had to drink today Tim Risley stated “it is none of your business”.

While Officers were speaking with Tim Risley, medics checked Tim Risley blood sugar to ensure that it was not too low or high. After this was checked medics stated that Tim Risley’s blood sugar was good.

Officers then asked medics if there was any other medical issues with Tim Risley. Medics stated that he was medically good. Officers then walked Tim Risley to a patrol car to place him in the back.

While walking Tim Risley to the patrol car officers noted that Tim Risley stated several times to “stop” and would not willing walk to the patrol car, requiring officers to forcibly walk him.
While placing Tim Risley into the back of the patrol car, Tim Risley was unwilling to get into the back seat, pushing back on officers and placing his head between the rear door and the pillar of the vehicle in an
attempt to keep officers from placing him in the car.

Officers then had to walk around to the other side of the vehicle to help pull Tim Risley into patrol car while officers pushed Tim Risley in.

While attempting to get Tim Risley into the vehicle he stated to “back off, back off and I will step in”. Officers at this time attempted to allow Tim Risley to get into the vehicle on his own. Officers informed Tim Risley that he could step in but Tim Risley made no attempt to get into the patrol car on his own.

At this time officers placed Tim Risley in the back of the patrol car. Due to his resistance Tim Risley wound up on his stomach, Tim Risley then pulled his feet inside of the vehicle and told officers to close the door.

Officers closed the door and then transported Tim Risley to the Randolph County Detention Center. After arriving at the Detention Center, Officers removed Tim Risley from the vehicle and walked him in to the booking room.
While processing Tim Risley officers noted that he was uncooperative and belligerent with the jailer. Refusing to come out of the shower room after dressing out in jail issued clothing, forcing the jailer along with officers to remove him.

Officers issued citation to Tim Risley for Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest setting a court date of 5/4/2022 at the Randolph District Court.

Tim Risley was also charged with Aggravated Assault, this was lowered to Harassment.