From the Arkansas State Police:
Stone County authorities have requested the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division to investigate the deaths of four people who appear to have died as the result of gunshot wounds. The homicides occurred at two homes located about one-quarter mile apart. State police special agents are investigating the cases independently and have not, at this juncture, found conclusive evidence to confirm whether the cases might be related.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office contacted state police late yesterday (*Thursday, April 21st) requesting CID special agents be sent to 646 Northcutt Road, located off Arkansas Highway 5.

About 2 PM, a woman and her son, both residents of the home located south of Mountain View, had been found dead by a family member. The deceased have been identified as Shirley Watters, 77, and James Watters, 55. Agents investigating the case have found evidence indicating both had been wounded by gunfire.

About 8 hours later while continuing their work at the first crime scene, agents were called to a second crime scene located at 5474 Arkansas Highway 5, north of the Watters residence.

William Clinton Trammell, 75, and his wife, Sharon, 72, had been discovered dead inside their home. Both, the apparent victims, of gunshot wounds.

The bodies in each case have been transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory where the medical examiner will confirm the cause and manner of death and provide agents with an approximate time of death.

Special agents assigned to the independent cases are continuing their investigative work today and will keep the Stone County Sheriff’s Department and prosecuting attorney updated on their findings.