Numerous reports of damage from reported tornadoes that crossed Lawrence County.

Early reports from Sharp County authorities stated a tornado was spotted near Fire Tower Road outside of Ash Flat.

Next were reports of a tornado north of Smithville in the Annieville area headed towards Imboden. Large hail was reported as the storm moved into the Imboden area. Reported rotation in Imboden as large damaging hail began to fall.

Reports of damaged ranged from siding damaged to windows being broken as the storm moved into the Black Rock area. Numerous unconfirmed reports from the Black Rock area stated two tornados were seen in that area.

Heavy hail fell covering streets and lawns in Black Rock. Law enforcement staged across the county reported the damages as the storm headed into the Walnut Ridge area.

Several structures in the Hoxie/Walnut Ridge area have been reported including damage at the Jones Trailer Park and apartments on Case Street.

Also during the storms several traffic accidents along the path of the storms were reported.

Power outages were reported in Imboden, Portia and the Walnut Ridge/Hoxie area in Lawrence County. Numerous outages were reported in Sharp County.

No injuries have been reported by authorities.