Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Mammoth Spring Police Department announced two people’s arrests on felony theft and burglary charges. 

According to authorities on March 19, Mammoth Spring Police made a traffic stop and came in contact with Jamie Judd, age 41 and Matthew Young, age 40.

Jamie Judd was run through the Arkansas Crime Information Center, authorities discovered Judd was wanted for a warrant out of Howell County Missouri.

Judd was searched and authorities discovered multiple debit/credit cards with another name, not matching the suspect.

The card owner was contacted, and stated that permission had been given to Judd and Young to use wifi at their home while they were out of town. 

The victim stated the items recovered were from the top drawer of a nightstand in a bedroom in the residence.

Authorities also discovered that a gun was taken from the home as well. 

Both were arrested and charged with felony theft of property and felony residential burglary. 

Bond was set at $10,000 each.