On 03/27 JPD officers responded to an address on Parkview in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with a witness who advised that he found 23 year old Steven Ortiz parked in a church parking lot with his juvenile daughter. The father advised that his fifteen year old daughter was just sent to Jonesboro to live with him after her mother caught Ortiz sneaking into her house in Oklahoma. The father stated that Ortiz lives in Texas and drove to Oklahoma to meet up with his daughter, then traveled to Jonesboro from Oklahoma to be with her again. The father stated when he caught them, Ortiz took off running from the scene. Officers at the scene were advised that Ortiz was staying at a local hotel. Officers then attempted to make contact at his room, however Ortiz supposedly wasn’t there… but his little brother “Oscar Ortiz” was there.

On 03/28 Officers were able to determine that the male they made contact with at the hotel was in fact 23 year old Steven Ortiz and “Oscar” was a made up name. Officers arrested Ortiz and transported him to the Jonesboro Police Department to be interviewed. During the interview, Ortiz stated that he and the fifteen year old juvenile met via lnstagram and have been in a relationship for a month. Ortiz advised that he and the juvenile have had intercourse 10 times over the last month and exchanged explicit photos via SnapChat.

Ortiz was arrested on 3/28 and went before Judge Fowler today. He was charged with Felony Internet Stalking of a Child, Felony Distribute/Possession/Viewing matter depicting Sexual Conduct involving Child, and Misdemeanor Obstruction of Governmental Operations. He was given a $150,000 c/s bond.