On Monday the Lawrence County Dispatch received a 911 call from a female reporting a structure fire at 208 Lawrence 244 outside Black Rock.

The Black Rock and Imboden Fire Departments were both paged to respond to the fire.

Firefighters arrived in the area but no fire could be seen. At the request of firefighters the dispatcher reviewed the original call again. The caller stated “208 Lawrence 244 in Annieville”.

Firefighters diverted from the original Black Rock address toward Annieville after dispatchers stated they believe the caller mistakenly gave the address of Lawrence 244 instead of the correct address of Lawrence 224.

At 1:52pm units from the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene stating the residence was a total loss.

No injuries were reported, the occupants of the residence were able to get out safely.

Correct addresses and call back information is vital for rural fire departments.