March Events and Programs at Davidsonville Historic State Park

Weaving Wonders

​Wednesday, March 23 2-4 pm

​Free admission

​Join a park interpreter to experience hands-on how people here on the frontier of Arkansas made their own fabric! Learn how to weave on our tabletop loom, and take home your own cardboard loom project for a modest fee. This event is come-and-go, so drop in and out whenever you like!

You’ve Got Mail

​Thursday, March 24 2-4 pm

​Free admission

​Join a park interpreter and journey back in time before the days of cell phones, e-mail, typewriters, and ink pens to learn how messages would have been written and sent in Davidsonville’s time. Make your very own message to mail off to friends and family.  This event is come-and-go, so drop in and out whenever you like!

Go Outside and Play!

​Friday, March 25 2-4 pm

​Free admission

Children in historic Davidsonville did not have the same toys we have today, but the fun they had was timeless! Join a park interpreter during this come-and-go program to play the Game of Graces, Blindman’s Bluff, Clothespins in the Jar, and more. The next time your mom tells you to go outside and play, you can do it 1820s-style. This event is come-and-go, so drop in and out whenever you like!

Dyed and Berried at Davidsonville

​March 26 9am-2pm

​$25 per person

What do onion skins and bodark wood have in common? They both turn fabric a beautiful golden yellow color! Join a park interpreter to learn how the local plants and trees added color to the lives of the inhabitants of Davidsonville two hundred years ago. Workshop participants will use mordants, nuts, wood chips, and more to dye a t-shirt to take home. T-shirt is included in registration fee. COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDELINES ARE IN EFFECT FOR GUEST AND STAFF SAFETY. SPACE MAY BE LIMITED. To register, call the park at (870) 878-6765 or email us at Registration deadline is 5 p.m. on March 11 and space is limited to 10 participants.