Prosecutors stated that Derek James Roberts, age 31, of Floral had a relationship with a female that ended after a month. The female victim told authorities that Roberts began to harass her by texting and calling her non-stop and telling her he was going to distribute nude pictures of her to her co-workers and employer.

Roberts is accused of secretly filming the woman at his residence, and making the pictures and film public.

The prosecutor said that the woman was in a private area out of public view, and had a reasonable expectation of privacy and had not consented to the filming.

Roberts is also accused of distributing the images or recordings to a third party with the purpose to harass, intimidate, or threaten the victim.

Roberts is charged with two counts of felony video voyeurism and unlawful distribution of sexual images or recordings.

Roberts is currently in the Independence County Jail under a bond of $40,000.

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