Officers were dispatched to a residence on Morgan Trail outside Hardy on Jan. 12 for a domestic disturbance. 

Law enforcement met with the person who called in the original complaint. They noticed the caller had dry blood on his left ear, and when he was asked about it, he stated that he walked into his living room and saw Shannon Asher standing near the front door. 

Shannon Asher, age 42 (the suspect) wasn’t supposed to be at the residence and needed to leave before he called 911. Asher refused to leave according to the victim and followed him to the bathroom. 

While in the bathroom, Asher attacked him while he was making the 911 call.

Police tried to locate the suspect at her parent’s home but she was not there. 

Asher called the Sheriff’s Office that evening, and arranged a time for an interview but did not show up.

Asher faces a charge of felony second-degree battery.