Kristopher Gould of Mammoth Spring who was recently convicted in December by a Poinsett County jury for killing Preston Brayfield in May of 2020 is appealing his 15 year sentence.

Brayfield was working near a bridge when Gould plowed into a construction zone, striking and killing Brayfield.

It only took a jury just 15 minutes to find Gould guilty in the case.

Gould plead not guilty to charges and after being found guilty apologized to the family during the sentencing phase.

Original Post:

A Mammoth Spring man was sentenced to 15 years in prison after a being found guilty on Wednesday.
Kristopher Gould of Mammoth Spring was found guilty on all charges after just 15 minutes of deliberation.
Gould was convicted in the death of highway construction worker Preston Brayfield.Court documents revealed that Gould had a blood alcohol level of .326% which is four times the legal limit.
Brayfield was hit and killed on Interstate 555 in Northeast Arkansas, and was struck at nearly 70 miles an hour.
According to the vehicles electronic system, Gould was driving at 95 MPH just seconds before impacting the victim.
Gould will serve his sentence in the Arkansas Department Of Corrections.