According to court documents deputies with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department arrived at a residence on White Rock Lane that belonged to Dale Lambert, age 59 to execute a felony arrest warrant for probation violation. 

Mammoth Spring PD assisted in executing the arrest warrant. 

When authorities arrived, multiple people, including Lambert, were standing inside a shop building next to the residence. 

Officers observed three individuals walking out of a small room in the shop. 

Lambert was detained then placed in hand restraints and walked back inside the main residence. 

Lambert had a search waiver on file, and police then searching the buildings. 

A clear bag with a white crystalline substance was located in the room where the three were initially in. 

After police located the drugs, they also found a set of scales near the bag that was believed to be methamphetamine. 

Authorities then spoke to the three individuals, who all stated they would fail a drug test if they were tested. 

The second individual, Wendy Price, age 44 had a warrant with Sharp and Fulton Counties. 

The third individual was identified as Vance Smith age 48.

Lambert, Price, and Smith were all charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, with the purpose to deliver meth weighing more than two grams.

Lamberts was arrested and given no bond, while Price and Smith were arrested and bond was set at $10,000.