According to a report the Arkansas State Police conducted a traffic stop on Tuesday on a vehicle being operated by Matthew Novy age 39 near the Glencoe in Fulton County.

ASP observed the vehicle traveling on the shoulder of the highway driving in an erratic manner. 

As the officer approached Novy’s vehicle he immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. 

The report states the officer also observed a small quantity of marijuana lying in plain sight on Novy’s lap. 

The trooper then ordered the suspect to step out of the vehicle. Novy was advised that he was being detained and a search would be conducted on the interior of the vehicle. 

ASP discovered one glass jar of marijuana, one plastic baggie containing meth, and one marijuana cigarette. 

Novy was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, meth.

His bond was set a $5,000.