As the number of active Covid-19 cases rise higher each day here in Northeast Arkansas some schools are taking AMI days, reinstating mask requirements, and canceling extra curricular actives with the high number absences due to illness. Walnut Ridge City Hall gave out free Covid test kits for the last two days from their drive up window. All the kits were gone within less than two hours. The city did announce they will post on their Facebook page as they receive more kits. You do not have to be a Walnut Ridge resident to pick up.
The Lawrence County library also has a limited number of test kits available. 1 kit per person/ 3 kits per household maximum. Each kit comes with 2 tests. Call for curbside delivery.

Active Covid Cases As Of Thursday Morning

Active Covid-19 cases in the State of Arkansas are 71,132 as of Thursday morning according to the Arkansas Department Of Health.

Cases in our area:
Craighead 3997 active cases
Jackson 250 active cases
Greene 1323 active cases
Lawrence 254 active cases
Independence 671 active cases
Sharp 230 active cases
Randolph 249 active cases
Baxter 400 active cases
Clay 210 active cases
Izard 252 active cases
Fulton 132 active cases