According to a report by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office a Mammoth Spring man was arrested after officers responded to a residence in Mammoth Spring where a domestic altercation had taken place. 

The victim was transported to an emergency room to be checked out before officers arrived.

Deputies identified David Rutledge, age 22 as the suspect. 

Officers discovered that the victim was David’s sister. 

The suspect stated that the victim was drinking and acting crazy at his house and began to beat a guitar against the fireplace. 

The suspect then stated she began trying to get physical with the suspect and ended up on the floor. 

The suspect stated he was intoxicated and admitted he punched the victim a few times in the face while she was on the floor. 

Authorities say the victim was picked up from the residence by her mother and David was arrested and was transported to jail. 

After law enforcement arrived at the jail, they were notified that the victim had a 10mm brain bleed and was transported by ambulance to a Jonesboro hospital. 

The victim was released on Sunday evening from the hospital after the bleeding had paused on its own without surgery. 

David is charged with felony second-degree domestic battery. 

His bond was set at $2,000 and was later after bond was posted.