A Smithville man was arrested December 18th and charged with incest, a class C felony in Sharp County.

Timothy Thompson, age 47, is accused of having an intimate relationship with a child he adopted at a young age according to authorities.

In late November investigators followed up on a report that Timothy Thompson allegedly had a romantic relationship with Janie Thompson, who is now 21 years old.

Janie’s mother reported to authorities that her ex-husband, Timothy and her daughter, Janie, had a child together.

Timothy adopted Janie and her siblings shortly after marrying Janie’s mother.

After the couple divorced, Janie(the adopted daughter) went on to live with Timothy while the other siblings remained with their mother.

Investigators met with Janie and Timothy in late November, the couple brought with them, their three children.

Investigators confirmed during the interview that Janie and Timothy were the biological parents of the children.

Janie told investigators that she and Timothy had married at the Sharp County Courthouse in August 2020.

Janie told investigators the two didn’t begin a relationship until after she turned 17. Timothy stated Janie had more than just father-daughter feelings for him. Timothy was quoted saying “When Janie was 14 years old, he stated she had told him she planned on having his babies and the two would discuss it at least once a year until Janie turned 17,” according to authorities.

Timothy admitted to investigators he told Janie when she was just seven years old he “wouldn’t marry anyone else; she could have all that remained of him,” according to records.

Timothy Thompson was arrested and charged with one count of Incest, a class C felony on December 18th 2021. He was released on bond December 21st 2021 according to court documents.