Zachary Arnold, age 27, was observed acting suspicious at a motel in Mammoth Spring. 

According to reports a clerk at the morel stated to authorities that Arnold was acting nervous and said “he could not stay long because people were looking for him. â€œ

Mammoth Spring authorities were notified and asked to check on the suspicious individual. 

Arnold, known by local authorities to be a parole absconder had an active felony warrant out of Sharp County along with a search waiver on file. 

Authorities stated they contacted additional officers to assist in taking him into custody due to his past history of violence. 

Authorities met at the motel and began attempting to make contact with the suspect, asking Arnold to come outside. 

The motel clerk provided authorities with a key to the room due after Arnold acknowledged he was inside the room and would not come to the outside.

Authorities unlocked the door and entered the room while continuing to announce their presence.

As authorities attempted to place the suspect in hand cuffs, Arnold attempted to pull away from the officers. 

Once he was cuffed, he then told authorities that he had an ounce of meth in a black bag near the bed. 

Authorities recovered the bag, which contained a large amount of methamphetamine in a clear bag inside a clear plastic box. Authorities also found a used needle. 

Arnold admitted to officers that he had intentions to sell the illegal drugs. 

Arnold also stated that he had not sold any yet due because he had just stolen the drugs from the dealer admitting had used some of the meth earlier that evening. 

Arnold was arrested and transported to the Sharp County Detention Center.

Arnold is charged with possession with purpose of delivering methamphetamine.

He will also have to answer to the courts for his outstanding warrants.

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