A couple from Independence Couty have been charged with felonies after an investigation into a Sept. 6th ATV crash on State Highway 25 Spur in Independence County.

According to reports, the couple’s daughter, age 5, was critically injured in the crash and later passed away at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Jennifer Grace Aldrich, age 33, a passenger in the ATV, is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor 1st degree and public intoxication.

Daniel Wesley Aldrich, age 34, the driver of the ATV, is charged with negligent homicide, endangering the welfare of a minor 1st degree and driving while intoxicated.

The victim was a passenger in the back seat, according to The affidavit.

The victim’s 12-year-old sister was also in the back seat of the ATV.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens described the couple as both having “blood shot watery eyes, slurred speech, and the odor of intoxicants” according to the affidavit.

Authorities said the two were uncooperative with the on-scene investigation of the crash.

A blood draw was done on Daniel Aldrich to determine the level of his intoxication. He was taken to the medical center for the draw and then released to family members for follow-up medical treatment pending charges for his role in the accident.

The victim was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for a medical consult due to the severity of the incident.

The sheriff’s office reported the blood alcohol content for Daniel Aldrich was determined to be .194.

Aldrich also tested positive for cannabinoids.

Bond was set on Daniel Aldrich at $25,000, and on Jennifer Aldrich at $10,000