According to reports the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office arrested Peter Belau age 39 on an aggravated assault charge on November 12th.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a victim stating that Peter Belau had attacked her at a residence because he was upset at her because she fed her children instead of the dogs. 

The victim stated that she grabbed a knife to defend herself when the suspect came at her, and he told her to put the knife down. 

The victim stated she then told Belau to leave, when she put the knife down, the suspect tackled her and started beating her according to the report.

The victim stated that Belau allegedly put his knee on her neck and choked her with his hands.

The victim stated she grabbed the knife again, and Belau pulled it out of her hand and cutting her right thumb. The victim stated that she thought he was going to kill her. 

Both children inside the residence stated they heard the two fighting and heard their mother screaming but did not see the fight. 

One child stated that she was hiding in a closet during the fight. 

Belau was arrested by authorities at the scene. 

Belau is charged with aggravated assault, a Class D Felony.