A probable cause affidavit stated the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office arrested a woman on a theft charge after a victim reported a theft at her rent house in Gepp. 

Katherine Brotherton, age 36 was renting the home which was furnished with furniture and other household items. 

Brotherton allegedly had not paid the rent, and as time went on, the owner attempted to contact Brotherton, who stated that her brother would come and pay it, but never did according to documents.

Brotherton was told via text message to collect her personal belongings and leave the property due to non payment.

On Oct. 18, the landlord went to the residence and found that all the furnishings were stolen along with the linens. 

The victim filed a report and provided a list of items to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Investigators gained information of the property’s location, in Howell County Missouri.

Officers went to the residence in Howell County, where the homeowner admitted that Brotherton had brought the furniture there and stored it.

The property owner permitted a search of the mobile home, the stolen items were identified. 

Brotherton was charged with felony theft of property charge.

Her bond was set at $2,500 according to court documents.