Prosecutors from the 3rd Judicial Prosecutor’s Office released the following statement after the sentencing of Quake Lewellyn for the rape and murder of Sydney Sutherland.

“After a little more than thirteen months, Quake Lewellyn has answered for his inexcusable, horrendous actions upon an innocent young lady. It is the hope of this office that the Sutherland family can now have some closure and sense of finality. No length of incarceration, no punishment available under the law will ever be sufficient to provide retribution for the deeds of the evil mind that perpetrated these heinous acts. I want to thank all of the numerous law enforcement agencies and officers, including the Arkansas State Police, Sheriff David Lucas and his Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, for their relentless efforts and countless hours of work that led to this day. So many people poured their hearts and souls into reaching this point today. Most importantly, I want to express to the Sutherland family the gratitude of my office in allowing us to assist in a small way the efforts leading up to this moment. I pledge that they will remain in our prayers, and I ask each of you to join me in allowing the family some peace, some time, and some privacy in the coming days and weeks. Let us all never forget the life and legacy Sydney has left behind, and that today, we finally see Justice for Sydney”