The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting incident that occurred late Tuesday evening, September 28th, at a residence on Rodney Road in the Jordan area.
     At approximately 11:18 PM, the 9-1-1 call center notified the Sheriff’s Office of a call it received from a man who stated he had been shot in the head.  Additional information relayed to the Sheriff’s Office while deputies were enroute to the location indicated that the man had reportedly broken into the residence and had been shot by a female in the residence.
     Deputies and Emergency Medical Personnel arrived on scene and made contacted first with the male victim of the shooting.  They found him sitting in a vehicle on the property.  He had been injured by a gunshot wound from a small caliber weapon.   The victim is 26 years of age.  While he was being tended to, deputies made contact with other persons at the residence to inquire as to what had transpired.
     According to investigators, no one else at the residence would answer questions or make a statement as to what had occurred, and they asked for an attorney.  The shooting is suspected to be domestic violence related, as the victim and shooter were reported to be involved in domestic relationship with one another. 
     The house was secured until investigators could obtain a search warrant this morning to obtain evidence from inside the residence. 
     The male victim was transported by air ambulance to a hospital in Springfield, Missouri, but he was later discharged from the hospital at approximately 2:30 AM this morning.
     No arrests have been made at this time, and the incident remains under investigation. Evidence from the incident will be reviewed with the Prosecuting Attorney.