3rd Judicial Prosecutor Ryan Cooper released the following statement concerning the sentencing of 22 year old Matthew Ryan Gilmore for sexual assault.

“In Jackson County Circuit Court, Judge Rob Ratton sentenced Matthew Ryan Gilmore, 22 of Bradford, to forty years (40) in the Arkansas Department of Correction for Sexual Assault.”

Cooper stated  â€œThe child’s mother was present in the courtroom and expressed that the plea met with their wishes.”

 The case, a combined effort by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Crimes Against Children Division of the Arkansas State Police, was presented by Sexual Assault Prosecutor John Pettie.  

Mr. Cooper continued by stating “While it was just last week that I was able to express my gratitude for the efforts that allowed a sexual predator to be sent to prison, we cannot become desensitized to these horrendous crimes. Nor can we deem commonplace the courage of those that the depraved would seek to prey upon. Words on a page cannot do justice to the bravery embodied by those victimized by these crimes. Today, what you see is a monster sent to prison.  What you do not see is the weeks of investigation, time away from loved ones, and the relentless pursuit of justice by the CACD, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, along with Mr. Pettie and his team. Most notably, what you do not see behind every one of these cases is a child not yet old enough to drive a car and yet who has summoned the courage to face the demons that dwell among us and with an unwavering voice say “NO MORE.”  In a time when we as a society are ever more divided, it is the strength and courage of a child that gives hope for tomorrow.”