According to Commander Geoffrey Watts of the 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force,  an ongoing investigation spanning multiple counties and utilizing the collaborative investigative efforts of the 16th DTF, Batesville Police Department, Independence County Sheriff’s Office, Izard County Sheriff’s Office, 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force (Central DTF) and White County Sheriff’s Office, resulted in multiple arrests, a seizure of nearly 10 pounds (over $22,000,000 worth in current street value)of Methamphetamine and $9,000.00 of profits and proceeds from the sales and distribution of illicit narcotics, all within the past 24 hours.

Many long hours were spent by investigators and on behalf of the 16th Drug Task Force we would like to thank all the agencies that assisted in making this possible. Commander Watts would further like to add that this is a fine example of our mission as a drug task force to serve the agencies within the 16th Judicial District as an assisting investigative agency. Watts states, “this five county district, as well as surrounding agencies, have so many investigators and officers with so much talent. Over the last 24 hours, these investigators and officers put themselves aside and were dedicated to the task at hand of greatly hindering the operations of this narcotic organization from flourishing in our communities. It can be easy to find ego when dealing with narcotic investigators, but the last 24 hours has been a true testament to the humbleness of all these agencies; showing that through good communication and working in one accord, how we can truly move mountains.  To all the agencies that have been involved throughout this investigation that may not be mentioned above, thank you for your selfless service, And may we all get some rest. To all our adversaries; tremble, for we won’t rest long”

Commander Watts notes this in an ongoing investigation and the DTF will continue in maintaining steadfast vigilance in fighting for our communities to stay safe and be a better place.

The 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force proudly serves law enforcement agencies in Independence, Cleburne, Stone, Izard and Fulton counties.
If you have information about narcotic related crimes and would like to submit an anonymous tip, you can contact the Drug Task Force at 870-793-3622
Or you can email anonymous tips to:

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and wants help, please feel free to contact:
Josh Ramsey
Peer Recovery Specialist for the 16th district
Ph: 870-805-6181