The Army Corps of Engineers Cranfield Access on Norfork Lake is one of the most popular boating accesses at the fishery. In 1992, this access received the first courtesy dock (right) installed on Norfork Lake by AGFC, with assistance from the Sportsman’s Club of Mountain Home. Unfortunately, the steep boat ramp combined with a moderately sloping parking lot is not conducive to having a courtesy dock at all water levels. During the most recent high water events, staff removed the courtesy dock to ensure it does not impede access, cause safety-related issues or damage boats. This year’s high water event is no different. The courtesy dock was removed from the access due to the rising lake level May 26. Once the lake level recedes close to 560 feet msl, the dock will be reinstalled.

Norfork Lake
As of Thursday, the Army Corps of Engineers reported the lake’s elevation at 571.30 feet msl (normal conservation pool: Sept.-April, 553.75 feet msl; April-Sept. 556.61 feet msl; top flood elevation 580.0 feet msl).