A new interactive game presents a fun way to learn about the musical history and colorful past of Downtown Walnut Ridge, Ark.  Known as Trivia at the Ridge, players can access the game on their smart phones or other electronic devices.

The game asks trivia questions about the rockabilly singers who once frequented Hwy. 67 through Walnut Ridge, and about the Beatles’ 1964 stop at the Walnut Ridge Airport.  Those who successfully answer those questions advance to a second round, where they are asked questions about the Walnut Ridge blood feud that raged for several years in the early 1900s.

Trivia at the Ridge is an on-site game that utilizes information displayed at Beatles Park, Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park and historical plaques in downtown Walnut Ridge.  It is played as a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area.  GPS is not required, but players will likely need to read signs and visit popular spots to get most of the answers.

The game was developed by the City of Walnut Ridge and the Downtown Walnut Ridge organization in conjunction with Eksplor Gaming, an Arkansas company which develops online games and entertainment for visitors to travel-related areas.

“Trivia at the Ridge is a really creative means to engage tourists with the attractions of our downtown area,” said Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp.  “We’ve had a lot of fun preparing this game and getting trivia questions together, along with Phil Shellhammer at Eksplor, and we are anxious for visitors and locals both to give it a try.”

Walnut Ridge sits on the officially designated Rock ‘n’ Roll Hwy. 67, so named because of the musicians who performed at venues along the route in the 1950s.  The city has added prominence on the route because of the Beatles’ stopover at Walnut Ridge Airport in September of 1964.

The Walnut Ridge blood feud ran for a decade, from 1905 to 1915, claiming the lives of seven people and injuring others from rival factions in the area.

Trivia at the Ridge can be accessed at https://www.eksplor.app/start?experience=walnutridge1 .