On 4/13/2021 the Pocahontas Police responded to 1815 Tammie Dr in reference to a stabbing. Officers on scene noticed Durrell Newell (Husband) laying outside underneath the carport, with a male holding pressure on Mr. Newell’s right side. The officers also noticed Gennifer Newell (Wife) in a frantic state, walking around in the road. Officers asked “where is the person that stabbed him,” Mr. Newell pointed at Mrs. Newell and said “she is right next to you.”

            Officers placed Mrs. Newell in handcuffs, and as she was being placed in the handcuffs she was asked a general question, “where is he bleeding at?” Mrs. Newell stated “In the stomach, my son seen him.”   

Officers then provided first aid to Mr. Newell until Pro-Med arrived on scene. Officers noticed a stab wound to the right side of Mr. Newell’s rib cage in addition to it bleeding. After Pro-Med arrived, they took Mr. Newell to the NEA in Jonesboro Arkansas. It also needs to be noted that the children were taken to a neighbor’s house before police arrived on scene. (Police arrived within 4 minutes of the call)

Cpl. Johnson spoke to Mrs. Newell post Miranda. Cpl. Johnson asked her to explain what happened. She explained they had been arguing all morning, to the point she had to hide in the bathroom to call a family member to tell them they were fighting. Mrs. Newell stated that when she came out of the bathroom, Mr. Newell had a knife in his stomach and was calling 911.

Cpl. Johnson walked away to speak with Sgt. Jones (Detective), and explain to him that one of the children had seen the incident. After walking back over to Mrs. Newell, Sgt. Jones asked her some clarifying questions, during which she described and demonstrated him stabbing himself with “his right or both” (talking about which hand was used). This did not make sense to Cpl. Johnson do to the fact she stated she was in the bathroom when this happened.    

On 4/13/2021 at the Pocahontas Police Department Cpl. Johnson conducted a forensic style interview with 4 year old AV1. The following is only a summary of the conversation. AV1 explained that he lived at home with his mom and dad. AV1 was asked if he knew why he was talking to Cpl. Johnson, he stated “because my mom killed my dad with a knife.” Cpl. Johnson asked if mom and dad was fighting this morning, AV1 stated “yes,” then he said “My dad pushed my mom and my mom got a knife and did like that.” (As AV1 said “did like that” he was making a jabbing or stabbing motion.)

It needs to be noted that there was been prior domestic battering charges against Mrs. Newell in 2019 and 2020 involving Mr. Newell. In addition there had been numerous reports were officers had to respond to their residence due to altercations.  

Judge bigger set a $20,000 bond on this case. Ms. Newell’s first appearance is set for 5-14-2021.