A joint investigation by the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division has resulted in the arrest of 74 year old LOY GENE BEARD of Midway, Arkansas on multiple charges involving sexual contact with children. 
     The investigation was initiated in late March after the Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from the parent of one of the victims.  Investigators were able to present sufficient evidence to the Prosecuting Attorney that allowed LOY GENE BEARD to be charged with several felony crimes, and a warrant for his arrest was issued today, April 13th, by the Circuit Court.
     Deputies located BEARD this morning and arrested him pursuant to the warrant.  BEARD was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center where he has been incarcerated on charges of:
Rape – Felony
Sexual Assault in the Second Degree – Felony
Sexual Indecency with a Child – Felony
Sexually Grooming of a Child by Person 21 years of age or older – Felony
     A Circuit Judge has issued an order to seal the probable cause affidavit and the prosecutor’s information in this case, and thus no particulars of the allegations or evidence can be disclosed or made public at this time.
     Investigators suspect that there may be other victims of LOY BEARD who have not contacted law enforcement.  Any other victims of BEARD or persons having knowledge of the allegations against BEARD are asked to contact Investigator Dwight Duch at the Sheriff’s Office 870-425-7000 or dduch@baxtercountysheriff.com  .
     LOY GENE BEARD is being held in custody in lieu of $150,000 bond on these charges, and has been issued a no contact order prohibiting him from having contact with victims or anyone under 18 years of age.