A psychologist at the Arkansas State Hospital reported today the man at the center of the Sutherland murder investigation is mentally fit to stand trial.

Quake Lewellyn, age 28, is facing several charges including capital murder, kidnapping and rape in the death of 25 year old Sydney Sutherland. Sutherland vanished after going for a jog near her home in Jackson County.
Quake Lewellyn went under a mental forensic exam in early January about a month after a court ordered the review.

The report by licensed forensic psychologist Lacey Willett stated Lewellyn is fit to stand trial.

“It is my opinion that at the time of the alleged conduct, Mr. Lewellyn did not manifest symptoms of a mental disease or mental deflect,” Willett stated.

The report shows Quake Lewellyn indicated that he has no history of mental health treatment. Willett found that Lewellyn ‘did not lack the capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct.’
“During the current evaluation, he disclosed that he put Sydney’s body on the tailgate of his truck “to hide her body so he wouldn’t be in trouble,” reflecting that he knew his conduct could result in legal consequences,” according to the report.

The report also stated that Lewellyn was polite and cooperative and he maintained adequate attention and concentration throughout the evaluation.

The State Hospital concluded that Lewellyn fit to stand trial.