According to reports the Independence County Sheriff’s Department was notified of an alleged sexual offense on Jan. 15, 2021.

Parents reported to investigators that nude images and videos were found on the minor’s phone allegedly sent by 34 year old, Daniel Roach.

Roach is employed by the Batesville School District as a network administrator in its technology department according to records.

The victim stated to detectives that Roach was an employee at her school and that he had supervised her during the school year when they reportedly began phone communications.

According to the affidavit, the two began exchanging nude images and videos.

She also stated the two spent time together at Roach’s home alone.

During an interview, Roach reportedly confirmed to authorities that they spent time at his home “hanging out.”

The suspect stated to authorities the communications did not start out sexual but turned sexual after he and the minor began sending each other nude images and videos.

He also confirmed that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with the minor on the 15th of January 2021 at his home.

Roach was charged with two counts of sexual assault.
Roach is currently being held in the Independence County Detention Center, his bond was set at $500,000.