Ever since we began to hear of corona virus, early in 2020 most people have tried to avoid contact with individuals that have contracted or shown symptoms of the virus.

Each day there are people in our communities that must walk in the face of danger and have no choice but to have contact with patients who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. Our EMT’s, Paramedics, nursing home staff, nurses, home health, doctors, first responders and others answer the call and must work with the infected to transport and treat those who have contracted the virus.

We owe this special group of people many thanks for all they do each and every day. They sacrifice their own safety at times to help those in need. These calls are above and beyond the regular duties they still perform each day.

If you look around, probably each and every one of us knows someone working in the field everyday, most never draw attention to the jobs they perform but continue to take care of our sick, elderly and all those in need regardless of the risk.

We say “Thank You” and “Job Well Done”.

Please stay safe, we need you now more than ever!