Ravenden Police responded to the motel on Hwy 63 on Friday night after the Lawrence County Dispatch received information from Craighead County stating a vehicle reported stolen out of Craighead was in the Ravenden area. The vehicle described as a 2009 GMC pickup truck was equipped with the “On Star” system which allows the vehicle’s location to be tracked. 

Ravenden Police responded to the motel and found the vehicle backed into a parking spot. The officer observed the suspected driver entering a room near the vehicle. After confirming the vehicle VIN was in fact the reported vehicle, the officer made contact with the suspected driver. 

The suspect identified as David Glass who claimed to be staying at a residence on Kentucky Street in Imboden. Officers found the license plate had been removed and replaced with a different plate, the license that had been removed was found in the back of the truck. 

The suspect was on probation out of Pulaski and had a search waiver on file, when officers searched the truck they discovered a meth pipe in the vehicle. The suspect also claimed he had paperwork where he’d purchased the truck from someone other than the owner.

David Glass was arrested by Ravenden Police and transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center. Glass is charged with Theft By Receiving and Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.

Dail’s Wrecker Service of Ravenden was contacted to remove the vehicle.