Governor Asa Hutchison gave his weekly COVID-19 report from Hope, Arkansas today. There are 680 new COVID-19 cases in AR today. Governor Hutchison announced a 60-day extension of the State of Emergency in Arkansas. ‘This extension reflects the reality we face.” The EO keeps in place emergency measures that aid our schools, medical team & small businesses.

The hospitalizations in Arkansas continue to be at a high level. This puts stress on our healthcare workers. While we have sufficient capacity in our hospitals, this does strain the system. We need to work together to reduce our cases & hospitalizations. The Governor also mentioned the rise of COVID-19 in the Northeast region of Arkansas which is the highest of the regions at a 7.9 cumulative positive rate.

The Governor stated the state is taken steps to increase the enforcement of the COVID-19 guidelines set in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the Governor encouraged people to shop and do business with establishments that were safe and compliant with the ADH guidelines and regulations. State and Federal health officials urge the use of masks, social distancing, good hand hygiene, covering coughs and staying home if you are sick.

To protect yourself and others, the ADH recommends:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Practice physical distancing. Avoid close contact with others, especially those who are sick, by keeping at least 6 feet between you and others.
  • If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 or develop a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, seek testing. Testing is available in many locations, including ADH Local Health Units.
  • Wear a face covering when you are exposed to non-household members and physical distancing cannot be assured. Click here to read the requirements.