Fulton County Sheriff Authorities confirmed that a 22 year old woman was reported missing around 9 pm Monday night. The family had been staying at a cabin in the area near Many Islands Road.

The missing 22 year old Shasta Mccann is from Louisiana and only recently came to this area with her mother. She will not be familiar with this area. The woman is also physically handicapped , mentally impaired and walks with a noticeable limb. Shasta is 5’2” around 100 lbs, short brown hair last seen in black pants ,a blue tank shirt and green tennis shoes . She appears to be 12-14 years old. She has no cell phone in her possession and will most likely not have any form of identification.

The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter is making low fly over flights in the area to try and locate her and the canine team from North Central Arkansas Prison in Calico Rock is also in the area to assist in the search.

The sheriffs department requests that if she is seen, please do not approach but instead contact the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department at 870-895-2601 or dial 911.