Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas gave a press conference today concerning missing woman, Sydney Sutherland.
Sheriff Lucas stated that the search has resumed in the area Sutherland was last seen in Grubbs. The Arkansas State Police helicopter is being used in a grid search in that area.
Sutherland was last seen by a UPS driver who saw her jogging along Jackson County Road 41 at 2:30-3:00 pm. Sutherland lives on hwy. 18 in Grubbs and usually goes on walks in the afternoons.

Sydney Sutherland has blonde hair, brown eyes, height- 5’3, weight- 103, last seen wearing a white tank top and black athletic shorts.

Authorities are looking at video footage at gym where she worked out around 1pm Wednesday as well as phone pings and are looking at gaining more information as Sutherland wears an Apple Watch that may help indicate her location. Sydney lives with her boyfriend and while authorities have spoken to him and other close family members there is no evidence of family problems or indicate involvement in her disappearance. There have been no solid leads other than the time and place she was last seen running near her home.

Sheriff Lucas said authorities aren’t ruling anything out in the case.

Sheriff Lucas urged the public to be aware when re- posting social media information that may not be credible in this case as they had already received false accounts of a truck with Texas tags. This came from a person claiming they saw “visions”.

If anyone saw Sydney Sutherland at anytime yesterday please call authorities.  Jackson County Sheriff- 870.523.5842.