Local police and sheriff’s  offices have reported that fraudulent unemployment claims are on the rise in our area. Reports are coming in daily concerning claims being fraudulently filed in victims names in an attempt to collect unemployment benefits.

If you become the victim of a fraudulent unemployment claim, here’s the steps you should take:

Contact your local law enforcement, either your city police department or if you do not live in a city with a police department contact your local sheriff’s office and file a report.

Contact the Arkansas Department Of Workforce Services:
    â€¢    Visit the ADWS website and completing the Secure Fraud Reporting Form
    â€¢    Email ADWS.InternalAudit@Arkansas.gov
    â€¢    Call 501.682.1058 to speak with the ADWS fraud unit

Anyone who suspects they are a victim of identity theft or other suspicious activity should also file a police report with their local police department. You should also share this report with your local Arkansas Workforce Center, creditors, and credit agencies.

ADWS has created a repository of information and resources titled Be Aware, Report Fraud, Protect Yourself. This information is posted on www.dws.arkansas.gov as well as www.ARunemployment.com and will be updated regularly to reflect federal and state practices and recommendations.

ADWS states it is important to remain vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity related to unemployment claims. If you receive a letter or debit card in the mail for unemployment benefits and you did not file for unemployment, or if you suspect someone has fraudulently filed for benefits using your name or any of your information, please file a report with ADWS and local law enforcement authorities.