Pocahontas Police Chief David Edington is proud to announce a notable partnership with the Department of Homeland Security. With this partnership, the department will have an assigned federal agent with Homeland Security Investigations located in Pocahontas on a full time basis. 

The addition of this federal agent will not only benefit the Pocahontas Police Department, but the community it serves. With the recent increase in human trafficking offenses nationwide, this will only improve the department’s ability to combat different types of crime. The ability to take criminal charges to a federal level could only make this area safer for its residents. This also means when an individual is charged with a federal offense, they could possibly face federal prison time. 

Having a federal agent located in Pocahontas, will bring new resources that may assist surrounding law enforcement agencies as well.    

The Pocahontas Police Department has set up a tip line: 870-202-1450. You may also reach out via email at PIVOT@ice.dhs.gov. Please report any case of suspected human trafficking or any other similar offenses.